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Thread: Braun lift install

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    Braun lift install

    I swear, it seems I'm always having issues with things I get. Like, a curse? lol. Gotta laugh, or I'll get too depressed. I fundraised for a long time, and got my dream van, a Ford Transit. I really wish I liked minivans, because this has turned into a nightmare. I got quotes that were through the roof expensive, and one quote even took a whole month to get, because of red tape. So I went with a local mobility upfitter, and they gave me a price break... a little. Still $14,400. For a Braun Millennium and Auto cool door opener. I did my own floors. They didn't tell me I should have the floor go all the way over the step well on the side door, and claimed they didn't know until the kit arrived. It took a MONTH to do, and I finally got it back. It looks very, very unfinished. An upfitter on a Ford Transit forum even showed a photo of how his look, and it's a lot different. I tried to explain this, but they said that it is mounted far forward, and it would've needed a support under the part over the step well, and then the floor put in around it. They just didn't know.
    So I've been using it a couple times, and the thing rattles like a mofo. In my powerchair, it slants a bit, and really screeches. Just last time, getting out, it wouldn't raise back up, and I had to push the ledge of the ramp up before it would. Then it looked crooked, and the gear box twisted some as it closed. Just looks really really sketchy!! I don't know if any of this is normal, as I haven't had a lift in decades.
    Here's a pic of my van, and the first pic is how that upfitter guy on the forum makes his, and second is how mine looks. They're going to do something about it, cut my plastic up to fit, or do diamond plate rubber. Just not sure how that's gonna work. Oh, they also scratched it badly, on the platform. Like it's been dropped. Big huge scuff on the sandpaper part and the metal. I pointed it out, but they waved it off.
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    I can relate to your experiences getting work done. Doesn't look that bad, you could have a trim piece made of some bent aluminum to give it a more finished look. I would imagine all those lifts would rattle some. Do you have a 6 way seat?

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    Only had a few lifts, all Ricon but don't think that much different.
    Traveling frame(plateform you & chair it on go up/down) either not centered correctly or bent. Plush looks at bottom of travaling frame was hitting control tower and they bent tower to make it fit.
    Your handheld pendant cord, hope just accident in picture but actually in that position going pull cord or it will fall. my luck under the lift while being deployed.
    Is this work done by a lift shop with history or new at it?
    IMHO: Any squealing and damage now is going to most likely increase with use.

    I can't say much after my lift shop sold to national chain it took 2 to 4 trips get repairs done right, 100 miles after our move but was still closeness.
    Sure posted but my last trip over was 3rd withing 3 months for same problem. deploy function. Lift as usual was deployed ready for loading. After last visit I got home to find not deploying so I cycled lift before loading. It was not working when went to leave, had manually deploy. They had other appointments. Wanted make my appointment in week to bring back in, this after I pointed out problem to Service Manager, I think this was for my benefit he yelled some at Tech and said best do was bring back in week to address problem for 4th time. I ask about refund, no that was for testing and parts installed.
    We left, wife would not allow me to cancel payment. So far not been back. We been using rural transit and CPN Transit.

    Once members here told me how adjust limit function adjustments before which saved third trip to same place for different problem.

    Neighbor been concerned about our lack of transportation so he found a auto repair shop here in town that does some lift work for folks unable to travel to city. They have had it over a week but say getting parts is headache. Found what they felt problem first day, that could fix within half hour but been waiting on parts. Fri they said according to tracking parts sitting in OKC and hope get by Mon. If all works should have back by Tues.

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    I would take it somewhere else and get a second opinion, it may be they just don't know what they're doing.
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    I have a 10 way seat. From Ford, though. In order to get in, I have to recline it a lot, and transfer a length to get in. If my powerchair, it's tall, so it's a huge struggle to get back in. Where it looks bad is on the platform, there's some big scuff scratches, and elsewhere on the lift, just like it was not handled with care. Only one guy worked on it basically. Took 4 weeks. I hate that it's not flush with the step well. Like the other pic. They could have added more floor and made a support, so I'm not really sure I buy that they were following install instructions and didn't know. They're not new to this at all, they've supposedly been doing it for decades. Though their employee may be new, IDK.
    I feel like this is unacceptable, and they have insurance, so should replace the scratched parts. And maybe I should have someone else look at it and give me their opinion, too.

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    So, the 10 way seat was factory installed? I agree with your thoughts about the work performed, especially considering the amount of money you paid and the time it took. Did the install include a remote control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    So, the 10 way seat was factory installed? I agree with your thoughts about the work performed, especially considering the amount of money you paid and the time it took. Did the install include a remote control?
    I just gave my concerns, and heard back. They said the kit made it so it HAD to be installed as it was, despite that photo showing a different thing from another vendor. I got a remote for the door opener, and one big one for the lift. I am seeing about getting a small keychain type one, because that's a lot to freaking remember. And it's cumbersome. So I have to use one remote to unlock the door, and the other to open, and the big one to do the lift. Oh, and it shuts off if not in use, which I guess is good, but also a PITA. So I have to turn it on and off all the time.
    Yes, the 10 way is up/down, forward/back, and recline basically. No swivel. I have to recline it a lot to get in. The post for the lift is so far in, that my powerchair is hitting it as I try to get in the seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heartdog View Post
    it wouldn't raise back up, and I had to push the ledge of the ramp up before it would. Then it looked crooked, and the gear box twisted some as it closed...
    Is it still not raising, and the gearbox twisting? Show them those issues in person.
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    So I showed them all the issues, and got the finishing work done. They just put some carpet over the metal, and cut some of my original plastic step cover. Looks ok. They said that the screeching is the lift "breaking in". And all the scrapes and scratches happened in transit, it came that way. Which makes me wonder how banged up it got, that maybe parts are not aligning, as it rattles like a mofo. I know that you're supposed to let the compression work, so I fold it in and extend that a second to get it tight. But it still rattles badly. Like REALLY badly. It's finicky, and half the time the barrier won't go up and hence the lift. I'll have to press several times, or make it go down more, then try. All super annoying, especially what kind of money this all cost, and the time it took. 4 weeks. Crazy. I contacted Braun, and they're going to reach out to me. Hopefully that will help get this fixed.

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    have you raised hell with braun? i had to get them involved when i got a lemon vangator lift on our van. i was very vocal and then they worked with my mobility place directly rep
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