So, for anyone who didn't see my original thread on my new chair journey, here it is:

That's a decent synopsis of the process leading up to delivery. All in all, painless, albeit a long wait. All the approvals and paper work, etc., were handled by my D.O., PT, and DME behind the scenes, entirely transparent to me. One trip to the D.O., one trip to the seating eval, a couple/few emails to finalize settings, wait, wait some more, wait again, then delivery.

DME brought the chair to my house, which was nice. They hung out for a few minutes going over everything and signing paperwork, etc.

Here it is:

It's a mostly stock TiLite Aero Z. My goal was to spend as little as possible and still have my needs met 100% (if not all my desires), and I was successful in that. ~$200 for the chair and ~$400 for SmartDrive. (I haven't seen the EoB so I'm not entirely certain of the break down.)

"Initial quality" seems very high. Everything is solid. No squeaks, creaks, or rattles despite having way more adjustability than I want/need. Only time will tell how this pans out over the next ~5 years of service.

Only changes, thus far, have been lowering the backrest, cranking down all the backrest bolts so hard it no longer folds (and has zero play now), and I've added my own homemade CF side guards (bolted to backrest canes and frame...effectively fixing the backrest in place.)

(I ordered a 400x500x2mm solid carbon fiber sheet, off Amazon dot com, from Arriss, for $70. This was ample to make these 2 side guards. I made a cardboard template, traced it onto the CF, then cut it out with a Dremel cutting wheel. Finished the edges/bumps with a diamond file and topped them with U channel automotive door edge trim. They are direct mounted using existing bolt holes; the one on the frame and the lowest one on the backrest

I also removed every bolt I could and added thread locker where it wasn't already present (which was most of the bolts. A few do come with medium/"blue" thread locker on them already).

The wheelbase/footprint and OFL specs are nearly identical to the chair it is replacing (Lasher BTMg) so they push very similarly. I can't tell which chair I'm in just from pushing it around the house, aside from the Roho Agility backrest, which feels better and is more comfy. Also, the Zero Play camber plugs from TiLite are FANTASTIC. They're slightly harder to mount the wheels into, and will be more sensitive to keeping clean, no doubt, but the mounting is SOLID. 'Zero Play' isn't marketing hype. Well, I guess technically it is, but, "Significantly Less Play Almost Imperceptible" camber plugs doesn't quite have the same ring to it, although it'd be more accurately descriptive.

Future plans: I'm planning on shaping another 2.5mm CF sheet I already have on hand to use as a seat pan. The stock upholstery is already sagged more than I can accept and it's a serious chore to tighten up. I'm just gonna yank it off instead of mess with it. Might use the same bolt holes to mount the CF pan, or just use some Velcro. We'll see.

Something interesting is this backrest bracket. It doesn't look like any of the ones in marketing materials, isn't the same one that's illustrated in the owners manual, and isn't listed in their online parts catalogs. Huh. It's much better than the old one, too.

(A special shout-out to stephen212, from bike-on, who helped me design and order the Spinergy XLX Lite wheels. He's a credit to the DME business, even if it's just a 'side hussle' for him. He also helped with an unrelated customer service inquiry with TiLite, and a TiLite rep responded directly to me, and quickly got me exactly what I needed. Thank you!)

The rear wheels were entirely a vanity add-on, and after thought. I saved a ton of money, using Medicare, to get a decent chair, then blew the savings on a set of wheels. LOL. The stock wheels 'Shadow', from TiLite, are actually a few ounces lighter and look fine IMO.)

Here it is hanging from my luggage scale, as configured in first full chair picture, including my Case Logic under seat pouch and all my crap (which is a couple pounds of stuff at least)

Bottom line: Initial quality is outstanding. Weight is very good. Performance meets expectations (which, coming from custom Lashers, was high). The value proposition of this chair is incredible and undeniable. Out of the box, it is at least 85% the chair that my Lashers are, minus the vanity "cool factor/cripple street cred", at LITERALLY 1/25th the price (using Medicare, with the stock Shadow wheels.)

Will it be so solid, as it is today, in 11 years (which the Lasher accomplished)? We will have to wait to find out.