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Thread: The Quickie Shark

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    The Quickie Shark

    Through the generosity of a member of the club, a Shark has come my way.
    Searching on site, I don't see many threads praising the machine; and no comments more recent than 2016.
    Are they not valued anymore; were they ever?
    This will be my first recumbent and this Shark is an affordable introduction.
    Currently I am thinking on how best I will transfer on and off (in and out?).
    What are the Shark attributes and drawbacks?
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    No, nothing forthcoming on the Shark?
    Are there any Shark enthusiast forums, supporters groups, or have they gone underground?

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    The Shark didn't go over that well. Especially the earlier versions had trouble with the steering tabs breaking. They didn't go thru a headset then. They did introduce the low version of recumbents. The Top End XLT was the fastest bike out there. A clunker by todays standards.
    Yoy could try putting one hand on the back of the bike seat or bottom bracket, with the other on the seat of your chair and pushing up. They're pretty hard on the shoulders though. If anything, it'll give you insight of what a true recumbent can be. I dug a pit so the seats are at the same level. Made transferring easier as the the shoulders started to wear out.
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    Hello Patrick. I was despairing of hearing from proud Quickie Shark owners, or disgruntled ex owners.
    maybe they have all suffered damaged rotators and are unable to use the keyboard - or Quickie Sharks are just not worth the wind.

    They didn't go thru a headset then
    .Bushed not bearings?? Steering tabs? Is that what I would call steering stops, as in old lovely Nortons and Triumphs, or are you referring to another? I have had a look or three at images I have here and cannot see tabs.
    This is not costing an arm nor a leg and is an affordable introduction to recumbent style travel.
    I have given thought to a simple aid that will enable a transfer elevation advantage that will assist.
    We will see if it suitable when it arrives.
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    I'm trying to remember how they were set up. I think there was a solid stem on the fork with a tab welded in the middle and a slot fitted over it for the tiller and running gear. I'll take a look at my broken Top End XL. It had the same basic setup.

    The Sharks are fine. You have one with the proper fork thru the headtube. As long as the wheels are in line etc., it'll be a good bike. It's just other innovations came out quickly after the Shark. It may be when Marilyn sold the company.

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