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Thread: Shoulder strength training

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    Shoulder strength training

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed before. I couldn't find anything via the search bar.

    Anyways, i have started riding my hand cycle daily, which feels great i must say!! I'm wondering if there is more i can do for my shoulders to help strengthen them for the future to avoid any injuries. I don't want to over do it of course, but i feel like i can handle some more exercise routine.

    My main question i guess is: What types of shoulder exercises should i be doing to strengthen the muscles that i don't normally use in my shoulders? I am looking for just free weight (dumbbell) options at this point.


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    Concentrate on side and front lifts with free weights. Also close to the body with free weights going out for rotators. You can see video's on you tube too. Wish you well and have a great weekend.

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    Strengthen the rear shoulder and back muscles to balance your shoulders. Stretch band can be very useful for this.

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