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    Ti lite zra

    Hi I have a new to lite zra and it cam with cheap plastic castors and I was wondering if a bigger set will fit , I?m not sure of the size but they are smaller than my last chair I think where 3inch but could be wrong. But it just doesn?t look like there enough space with the forks. Anyone have any options for me??? As the small casters hit every small bump and really hard on non smooth surfaces . I can send pictures to email if that helps cus idk how to post them

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    Well, the first question is; are they 3 inch or 4 inch? This way you know if you need to go to 4 or 5 inch castors.
    As far as fitting, depending on where your current ones are located on the fork, they will change the front seat height by half an inch; though you'll likely not notice a difference. If you have a notch above for the axle, then that's where you'd want to put it.
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    The forks should have a couple of mounting hole options to accommodate different sized casters. You have a ZRA so adjusting to correct alignment and ride height changes wont be impossible. Might have to order TiLite OEM replacements because I don't think TiLite axles and bearings are compatible with the popular after market casters (i.e, Froglegs). TiLite has a serial # lookup tool you can use to see what was exactly used when it was built, then call someone like bike-on and (with your serial #) they can order you the size you want.
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