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Thread: Pain & Baclofen pumps (experienced users)

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    Pain & Baclofen pumps (experienced users)

    I've been a quad for 46 years and have always been able to tolerate the pain and spasticity that comes with being spinal cord injury... Until recently that is. I have been waking up in immense throbbing pain which is accompanied by profuse sweating. Some nights I waking up as many as seven times a night with this pain and sweating. I am now considering a baclofen pump. I'd like to hear from experience, the pros and cons of this pump. One of my major concern is that this may lead to profuse sweating because I have a foreign object in my body. Voices of experience - your comments please?

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    Hello MJ,
    I had intrathecal pump surgery done back in 2006 with hopes it would ease my pain and severe spasticity. It took a few months of trying different medications and dosages but in the end it was well worth it. The baclofen in the pump has given me an approximate 90% reduction in spasticity. Prior to getting the pump, I was getting maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep every night because of spasms, it was driving me nuts. Thank God the pump changed that. I can now get around 6 hours of sleep at night, as long as I'm not kept awake by pain. Unfortunately, the pump doesn't do as good a job treating my pain as it does on my spasms. The pain is reduced by some 60 percent. I know this is very good considering what I was going through but I do still have to take quite a bit of oral meds for breakthrough pain (8 ?g hydromorphone). The intensity of the pain is pretty much the same, it's the frequency of pain attacks that's been reduced by the pump. FYI, I have hydromorphone in my pump along with the Lioresal. I had my 3rd pump implanted in March 2018, it's a Flowonix pump while the first two were Medtronics units.

    I hope this helps, feel free to contact me w/any other questions, good luck.
    Dan G. in CT

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    The waking up in the middle of night you both described is my exact experience. Very tough on my shoulders and back especially tough on my wife having to wake up and hope calm them down.

    I have a C3/C4 injury and was told this could potentially hurt my ability to breathe. Any alternatives?

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    I'm a T11 complete AIS A. I had a Baclofen pump implanted last December. It has reduced my spasms around 90% It's a big difference. The initial drawback was the filling the pump every 2 months. After increasing the Baclofen, I now have the pump refilled every 6 months. Make sure the surgeon implants it far enough from your rib, or it causes pain or bruising of the rib (unless your injury is higher and you won't feel it). The pump must be replaced every 7-10 years, as the battery is not rechargeable. The Baclofen did not reduce my back pain. I tried opioids, muscle relaxers, trigger point injections, ointments, and nothing worked. I finish having a surgical procedure called nerve oblation (block). It is a game changer for me. Almost no pain! They burnt the nerves at T 9-12. Takes around 4 days for the nerves to die. It lasts for about 1 year before the nerves start to regenerate, and the procedure is then done again.

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    T-10 post 20 years and my medtronic pump. Has changed my life for the better big time. It has reduced spasms well over 90% and has helped with pain. It took 3 years to find the right medication and dosage to ease my pain but well worth it.

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