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Thread: 100% silicone catheter or silicone coated?

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    100% silicone catheter or silicone coated?

    Has anyone used 100% silicone as opposed to silicone coated catheter for their Subaru pubic? I was just wondering if maybe they did not clogged up as fast. any thoughts are welcome thank you your paragraph
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    I have. I found it to be uncomfortable because the 100% silicone catheters are much stiffer and pokier than the latex ones.

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    Thanks As I do my weight shifts over my knees that would definitely hurt my bladder
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    There is no difference in clogging. That is determined by the amount of sediment. Flushing with sterile water or normal saline or other will help with decreasing the clogging. As well as drinking a lot of water.
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    I drink at the very least five of my jugs of 32 oz water daily, I take cranberry pills & vitamin C but I have to have my catheter irrigated twice a day because it clogs from some kind of White Settlement seems like I just can't drink this away
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    hawk I had a huge problem with that earlier same as you a cathe not even last a week bags were gross with white junk dr had no idea we did 2 thing we had a laying of the hands with my prayer group
    and it was suggested microcyn ah instilled 30 cc we do that 3 times a week can buy on line

    giving god the glory and using this I have been clogg free for 3 weeks urine is clear no junk

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    Thanks a lot I have to try something!!! I also read this from another thread from SCI-Nurse "Have you been recommended to try the use of diluted acetic acid to flush your catheter? For people who run the risk of catheter obstruction, this solution breaks up the deposits a little better than saline or water. Some people have to use it on a regular basis to break up an obstruction and alternate with use of saline or water."
    40 years and I have not had this much problem!!! I must be getting old or something
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    Did you try that? diluted acetic acid to flush your catheter? I read about that microcyn ah, not for internal use! Not for injection. I will have to consult my Dr. Monday on these treatments
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    I don't use SP but found just as annev308 described for indwelling

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyCrip View Post
    I don't use SP but found just as annev308 described for indwelling
    Please explain that.
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