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Thread: Where do you find help for small jobs around the house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    A contractor is appropriate for large jobs like a remodel. They'll charge thousands for the job and that's fine. A handyman is appropriate for medium size jobs like installing a ramp. They may charge $300 - $800 per day depending on the situation. That's fine too. After all, it's just once in a while.

    But what about small jobs around the house on an ongoing basis like moving stuff, organizing, cleaning, and just upkeep in general? We'd go broke paying such handyman prices on a daily basis (few times a month). What do people do for that level of help?
    We use Craigslist and Offer Up for house cleaning, yard service even handy man service. Check around and ask for referrals from friends to.

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    To keep up with the small job, I ask for near relatives or friends help. Hiring a contractor for such job will be over pricing. So, near relatives or friends are your best option.

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