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Thread: Error message on C300

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    Error message on C300

    Argh. I rammed my chair into the garage while out of it, and wedged it against a plastic box. I have an ! in triangle and PM brake error. I read something about the solenoids. WTF. How will I move it and rectify?? It's stuck and won't budge. I can't tell if it just made the brake go off so it can be pushed, but seems not. Anyone know?

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    It should have a way to put the chair in freewheel mode. There should be a lever, or some type of release device on each motor. That'll at least get the chair out in the open where you can check for a disconnected, or damaged wire. Or it could even be that the chair is in partial freewheel mode by whatever you ran into.

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    Right side shroud, above letters "C300" is a single pull out lever to disengage both motors = free wheel. When you get unwedged, push lever back in fully (best to do with chair turned off). If your lucky all will be OK when you turn it back on. If this lever accidently gets >slightly< pulled out, it will cause the issue your having. Had it happen to my C300 in a hard door bang side swipe incident.
    The brake is a cup/cap looking thing on back of each motor. The pull lever mechanically connects to each brake and has a switch/sensor that tells control module that freewheel lever is pulled out (sometimes not enough to disengage motor but switch knows lever is not fully pushed in).
    Have other suggestions if problem persists.

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    Luckily the guy from the DME came out and unstuck it, and it was just the lever.

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