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Thread: Urostomy-Stoma -- *Help,,,???

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    Urostomy-Stoma -- *Help,,,???


    This past July 3rd I had a cysectomy, still recovering but coming along [health-wise] fine. Obviously I now have a stoma which I'm fine with and is not the problem itself. It is the bag-[that I have connected to a leg-bag/on thigh] to flow. I'm a C-4/5, so yes I have medium ''quad belly.''

    Set up: Collection bag-[empty valve sits/reaches right under my pants waist band area,,,,,,,,,,I attached a tube that connects to a leg-bag on my thigh.

    Problem: If I lay flat in my bed urine flows fine. However when I'm sitting upright in my powerchair I'm having very little success getting it to flow to work. I continuously am trying different placement of the out-put valve, my waist band, the tube angle.

    Yes the ostomy clinic but have yet to workout the matter. SCI Nurse or Anyone with experience,,,,,,, **Please Suggestions--Advice,,,,,,,,??????

    Thank you,
    Freej//John --- *Move to a different forum if needed.
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