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Thread: Cleaning Recommendations Before/After IC

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    Cleaning Recommendations Before/After IC

    I a C4 male and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for cleaning before and/or after an IC session. Are there wipes available? Should you use iodine wipes before cathing? Is the old stable soap and water the best way to go? etc.

    Also, separate question, but I am new to cathing and was wondering if anyone can tell me how much is too many MLs at one cathing session? I know it all depends on consumption, weight and the whole algorithm, but as a general rule of thumb how much output is too much at one time?

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    You'll get a bunch of different answers. I've tried all different types of procedures and find procedure to be forgiving as long as volumes are less than 500 mls and time between IC is less than 4 hours. Time between IC may have to decrease if volumes increase. On the other hand, I don't like the time to increase more than 4 hours regardless of volume. The exception is while sleeping. I can go 8 hours once in a while. But not regularly. When UTI symptoms start, I immediately reduce time to 4 hours while sleeping and the symptoms usually go away in a day or two.

    All this applies since I got rid of the kidney stones. While I had kidney stones, nothing seemed to help, not even a sterile procedure with a closed system. After getting rid of the kidney stones, I found there isn't much value in a sterile procedure with a closed system. Just keeping it clean seems to work fine. I find soap and water to work just as good and is probably far less risky than chemical cleansers. Your results may vary.

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    I'm a C7 and cath based on sensation rather than time after getting some discomfort in my penis, much like I would have before the injury. If I hold it any longer I'll start getting a little bit of sweating. I've monitored my blood pressure enough to know when this is a to a point that blood pressure could be a concern. I don't let it get that far. Depending on how much I've had to drink, and apparently what, I might go one hour or I might go 8 hours. I'm happy when I cath over 400 milliliters. That was a target set many years ago after a urodynamics test.

    Catheter kits are often furnished with benzalkonium chloride wipes. They probably work well but with my hand function I've never been able to get the package open without using scissors and/or my teeth. Hardly a way to keep that sanitary. So I've used alcohol hand sanitizer for 8 years. I know it doesn't kill everything, but it seems to work well enough for me and it's very easy.

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    I am a C4-5 for 44 years. Intermittent cath for 40 years. Used clean technique for 30 years sterile for last 10. I have only had about a dozen UTIs in 40 years. Use benzalkonium chloride wipes because of an iodine allergy that would recommend them anyway because they don't stain like
    betadine. Like Endo aftermath I cath according to sensation which used to average once every six hours and between 500 and 700. I held 900 once but don't recommended stretching the bladder that far. A few months ago I contracted the Pseudomonas UTI which required Levaquin which destroyed my good gut flora and trashed my b & B programs. I now use hydrophilic catheters about every four hours holding 300 to 500 before sweating and dysreflexia occurs. Everybody's different.

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    Thank you for the info from all of you. A lot of years of wisdom in those three posts. Do you guys have problems cathing while in your chair? I seem to get dysreflexia almost every time I cath in the chair, but not in bed. I was just wondering If any of you have experienced that before and, if so, have any recommendations on how to prevent?

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