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Thread: Oxybutynin

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    Has anyone been on Oxybutynin for a long time and then have it become ineffective?

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    Over 20 years here- still working.

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    I take the brand name ditropa xl. I tried the generic and it caused me to have cold sweats and a leg that keep twitching. Try the brand name if you can.

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    Not sure if switching would help me or not. Been on Oxybutynin for 35 years. The past year have been getting incontinent a lot. Used to take 1 tablet per day. Now up to 3 tablets and does not seem to help. Keep thinking certain foods set it off but not sure. No sensation at all in bladder but can feel this coming on. Cannot hold 50cc in bladder when it starts. Took urine sample in and no UTI. Lasts several days and then I come out of it and will be okay for a few weeks if I am careful and eat certain foods.
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    I have been on it 34 years had bouts of unexplained incontinence too but then it went away. I take 5mg 2x day did up it to 3x when incontinent then dropped back to two. I know there are other drugs out there My uro says there is not enough evidence of side affect (memory loss etc) but I do wonder if it would be better to switch just hate to switch when it is working

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    I take Myrbetriq and am much happier on it. No dry mouth. By my memory does really suck. Could Myrbetriq be amplifying that?

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    You might want to look into the correlation between oxybutynin and dementia risk, UK NHS published this personally I stopped using it because of the risk.

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    I'm not convinced Oxybutnin is your problem, BUT I'm also not saying it isn't your problem.
    Our bodies change so much throughout the years, and maybe something else is going on. Have you tested for UTI's?
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    Been checked no UTI. Wasn't convinced it is Oxyb either but not sure what else it could be. Normally can hold 400cc in bladder with no issue and no idea it is full. Then all of a sudden I can tell the spasms are beginning because I feel like I am about to pee my pants and cannot hold anything.
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    Long term use of anticholinergic can effect memory overtime new finding in medical journal recently published
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