We've been away for the week, and the SO started getting a fever on Friday evening. He still has a fever today (it's now Sunday afternoon). It's 39.5 C currently. I was really worried it was a kidney infection, but his urine has been very clear, smelling fine, and he doesn't have pelvic pain. Either way, we went to a walk-in clinic today and they said his urine is okay.

The Doctor said a flu is going around, and looked at his throat and said it's very red and inflamed (although he feels no pain there). He was given penicillin for a week. No swabs were done. He noticed his stool was an orange-is colour today.

Meanwhile, I'm fine, feeling absolutely no illness. I was wondering if perhaps his immune system isn't very strong right now, so he's picking things up that I'm not? We were in the pool 3 times this week. He's barely functioning today.

I'm also wondering why he'd be given antibiotics for a flu? I'm concerned about all this resistance talk.