Hi all,

I am hoping that by writing this and get some answers or reassurance my anxiety levels may ease.

In June my boyfriend had a kidney stone, he passed it. Then, about a week later he had another one. He was having significant pain and was having trouble peeing; therefore, they went in to try to remove it via Cystoscopy / ureteroscopy. and placed a stent at that time, too. They couldn't get to because his ureter was so swollen. So he still has this 6 mm stone in his kidney that is obviously causing some bleeding and his testicles have been swollen. We have been told this is due to the fact his body is trying to bear down to push the stone out and it will clear up once the stone is broken up. They will be reattempting surgery Thursday

I am SO worried they won't be able to get it via Cystoscopy and ureteroscopy. and he will having to stay in the hospital a long time. I know this is mostly anxiety talking but why would they be able to get the stone now? Why would it be any less swollen? I know he's saying that it's because he passed a stone a week before they tried so it's had time to heal. My sister said if they didn't think they could get it this way, they would''t rebook and try again. But why would they be able to get up there now? I haven't been sleeping well and stuff. Just really struggling as I have separation anxiety. He is supposed to be having day surgery and home the same day.