I am in the process of getting a new Tilite wheelchair (this will be my second wheelchair, my first years ago was a KiMobility catalyst 5, that had too many moving parts).

I met with a seating clinic, and a Tilite rep was there as well. I requested a ZRA, have not yet placed the order and I'm now having some doubts if that is the right choice.

About me:
Multiple Sclerosis
Little core balance/strength
No use of legs, and leg contractors
Limited arm/hand function
Not very active, nor independent, when out I am with my husband who pushes me
Spasm/spasticity sensitivity

- Is the main difference between the ZR versus TR series the mono or dual tubing?

- Is the main difference between mono versus dual that dual tubing provides more durability of the chair and is a bit lighter? And mono tubing has a more simplistic look?

- The DME ordered an AEL harness and Bodypoint hip belt to help with posture/core positioning. Will the hip belt keep me from sliding forward during times when I do not use the harness? Additionally I have seen people using what I call "wings" that attach to the wheelchair brackets on both sides of the backrest that basically function as a harness but I'm not sure what they're called. Does anyone know what these are called as I think that would benefit me more than a harness that will need to be attached each time.

- A custom Ride backrest and a Java cushion was chosen to assist with my posture/spine positioning. Any feedback Re:: Ride?

- Titanium and pneumonic tires were chosen to address spasticity/spasm sensitivity.

- For the hand rims, would the Surge or Q-grip be a recommended choice with limited arm/hand function?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.