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Thread: Pacifica and hand controls

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    Pacifica and hand controls

    Plan on buying a Pacifica. One question I hope someone has an answer to. Do you eliminate the ability to use the telescoping and tilt due to hand controls? That happened with my Odyssey. If they are in a fixed position can the telescoping be fixed in fully extended? Thanks

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    Just picked up a Pacifica a couple weeks ago. Yep, Tilt and telescoping are disabled. I miss my old T&C Limited tilt feature. Also don't like how the turn signals are located. It's a really nice van though and glad I went with Pacifica..

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    Can you choose the position they are in?

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    Who did everyone's conversion? I'm considering one in my dealer only carries Braun conversions.

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    I'm planning on ROLLX. I heard VMI changes the suspension and it looks like it. Don't like Braun at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miltongm09 View Post
    I'm planning on ROLLX. I heard VMI changes the suspension and it looks like it. Don't like Braun at all.
    How is the ground clearance on a ROLLX vans? I have a 2014 VMI Sienna and have never scraped the bottom on anything.

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    I also, have a Pacifica and confirm that telescoping is disabled. Also, like Patrick - - i think the van is terrific.

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    We have a 2009 RollX and would be hard pressed to purchase a RollX again. We had to buy multiple sets of tires (at around 25-30,000miles) during the lifetime of the vehicle....that was our first clue that something was wrong and had the suspension tightened up but still many problems. It all came to a head when we were heading out of town and experienced a total failure of the rear suspension. Luckily, we were going at a slow speed close to home when it happened and not in the middle of nowhere going 70+ with a powerchair on board.

    Was it a one off? A bad egg? Don't know. It was a really scary experience and we are currently looking at a Pacifica too....most likely VMI.

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    VMI only sells infloor. Braun sells infloor and fold out. Only fold out in the 10" version. A few of the manufacturers are discontinuing the 10" drop floor and only going with a 12-14" drop depending on man. and make of van. I went with the 10" drop, after having to deal with them dropping my original van with a 13" drop, along with a Braun fold out.

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    Domosoyo, Sorry to hear that. They have been virtually trouble free for 3 vans(15 years). I have an interesting story about wearing out tires. My current van, a Rollx Honda Oddyssey had only one significant issue in the 6 1/2 years I have owned. My tires had a terrible wear on the inside rear tires. It was frustrating and everyone told me put Michelin's on they will last longest. At $900 a pop I was wearing them out every 18,000-20,000 miles. After burning through 3 sets of Michelins I decided to put a set of Continentals on at half the price. I'm 16,000 miles and virtually no wear anywhere on tires. So much for so called experts.

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