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I don't know how I'm wrong. From VMI chat.

Quick question about the backup battery for the deploy system
JR Flynn 10:58
Charles Hackney 11:00
If your main battery dies how can you use the deploy system if your power sliding door won't open
JR Flynn 11:00
You will need to manually open the door first
then hit the sure deploy button
Charles Hackney 11:01
Ok so you can still open the sliding door manually
JR Flynn 11:01
Yes you can
If you are unsure the local dealer can show you
Charles Hackney 11:03
Thanks for the info
JR Flynn 11:03
You are welcome

The backup battery is strictly to be used if your main battery dies
JR Flynn 11:15
Yes that is correct
Charles Hackney 11:15
Not for anything else
JR Flynn 11:15

bad information.

ask them what to do when the main battery isn't dead but the ramp wont deploy

i'll guess

You will need to manually open the door first if it didn't open
then hit the sure deploy button

or i have a older van and was deploying the ramp with sure deploy with the van turned off.

the ramp is now stuck out what should i do

i'll guess

start the van and let it run for a few min
then hit the sure deploy button

i'm also going to guess the difference is someone reading cards on a flow chart vers someone who actually knows how it all works.

i only know of one person there i'd ever ask questions (if he hasn't retired) and his name isn't flynn

also fwiw: it takes 2 buttons to run the ramp via sure deploy.

the first button turns sure deploy on the second one actually runs the ramp in and out.