I received my new Tilite TR3 this week.
I am over the top about this chair!
The manual chair I previously was using was a Quickie GPV (V frame angle) that I acquired in 1995 during the earlier days of the M.S. diagnosis. This was back when Medicare would rent you the most basic (awful, IMO) folding wheelchair for fifteen months and nothing else.
So I was very lucky to call around and find a medical supply company that would go through the hoops to get the GPV approved, and had a cooperative physician as well.
Then, it was the only chair of it?s kind, and the first lighter weight wheelchair available on the market, and it served me well.
In recent years I hoped to get something much more lightweight, with a smaller footprint, and have been looking at titanium wheelchairs, and found the Tilite TR3 something I would love to own.
Some of the problems with the current GPV is the seat width is too wide for my size, and the front angle is at 70 percent which is a lot of chair sticking out front.
It just isn?t a great fit, and the frame and wheels combined weigh a lot and I can?t lift either.
The weight of the chair wears me out using it and propelling it.
I also wanted a chair that people besides my husband, namely friends, could easily lift and transport so we could go places.
(I don?t drive due to Epilepsy).
I had the great fortune of working with a long time member here at Care Cure, Stephen 212, in order to configure my new chair, and purchase it, as he is a sales associate with bike-on.com, who is an authorized dealer of the Tilite
(I also purchased a Roho Quadtro cushion from bike-on.com for my new TR3, and their prices for all equipment and products are the lowest I have found so far anywhere online).
All my previous experiences with getting chairs have involved DME companies and people who just aren?t as knowledgeable about seating and equipment options. (I own two power chairs plus the GPV manual).
Stephen is a full time chair user of 35 years and his hands on knowledge, experience and suggestions were beyond valuable.
He helped me with the basics and options for every part of the chair.
There is nothing like a custom designed chair that fits, for comfort and functionality, and the individual options and specifications for the person intended.
I personally think it takes a wheelchair user to have the best perspective.
I?m one hundred percent happy with all aspects of the chair Stephen helped me build.
Stephen?s contact information is Stephen@bike-on.com.
I also did a lot of reading on this forum, and looked at CAD drawings and other people?s orders, and what others discussed here on CC
in regards to their chairs. That helped me a lot as well.
Incidentally, I also use a SmartDrive for ventures outside the home, and am very happy with it too. I found an almost new model for sale online and fortunately Permobil does allow the new owner to be covered by the existing warranty and even sent me different mounting hardware I needed for free.
I feel great in this chair, and I feel so light and functional in it, that I just enjoy it and feel free.
I think Medicare should be more forward thinking in providing titanium chairs for people. I?m so much happier keeping active and exercised, in a way my body tolerates, and it?s a healthy way to live, physically and mentally.
This new TR3 made an immediate difference in pain, fatigue and spasms, that I deal with, the first day and I know it?s making a huge difference for me.