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Thread: leaking ROHO

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    found it.Bottom of the corner rear cell. soap and water in a spray bottle and lots of patience. Now to see if a patch will hold.

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    I find that shoe goo works better than the patches on the curved area at the base of the cells

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    The detergent breaks the surface tension of the water? If the leak is a bugger to find I used to use warm water and detergent. Now I use it consistently as it allows me the opportunity to give the Roho a decent clean too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spinner View Post
    I find that shoe goo works better than the patches on the curved area at the base of the cells
    What is this 'Shoe Goo', spinner? My current leak is at that point and I have deferred patching it for a few weeks mainly because of previous failures to successfully repair. I am making do with my back-up cushion.

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    I use a bike patches and cover that with GOOP works for a good while. Usually needs to be redone and peels off easily to do it again. I'm still looking for something that really sticks to the rubber. I haven't found it yet. Might need to try the shoe Goo but it is made by the same company as GOOP.

    The patches on areas that get a lot of movement like the top of the bladders usually will fail after a while. Patches on areas that don't flex as much last long time.
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    I use the Type B polyester patches that RoHo includes, clean the area with the alcohol they also include, and they stay put. My current RoHo has 4 patches, 2 on cell seams, one on top, and one on the seam of one of the air transfer tubes back to the rear cells. Been holding fine for many years. Knock on wood.
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    Yep, soap and water in a spray bottle works on just about everything that leaks
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    be sure to clean first with isopropyl alcohol

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    You should be able to get Shoe Goo at Walmart. I use all the time on Roho when applying patches becomes an issue.

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