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Thread: Fork housing bearings 'TiLite"

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    Hi August

    I've replaced bearings on many a fork assembly but never on a Tilite! I'm curious as to what the alan key set screw on back side is all about? Also, any info/advice for this job much appreciated

    The allen screw is to keep the stem (red circle in the figure) attached to the caster tube. TiLite says not to adjust it. Don't know why. I never had a need to and have always left it alone.
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    Thanks for this

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    Finally got the bearings and tried removing fork assembly but no such luck! I'm a surfer so every time I transfer back into wheelchair, it receives a fair amount of salt water deposited on it. It's hell on upholstery, bearings, pretty much everything!! Do I need to use a BIGGER hammer? The original bearings are fairly locked up and I assume this is my problem????

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