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Thread: Swollen feet look scary !

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    Swollen feet look scary !

    Its summer and these days Ive noticed my feet in the evening that are swollen like crazy. It doesnt look normal. I drink very little water because of my leaking fear.
    Also its very hot dont know what might cause this.
    I dont wear any socks when im home , possibly the discomfort of my wheelchair ? leg bent too much ?
    if anyone else had a similar experience please tell me

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    The swelling can come from your heart not pumping as efficiently as it did when you were younger and also from gravity, causing the blood to pool in your lower extremities. Try elevating them on and off during the day. While all the swelling may not go away, some of it will.

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    Before I got a tilt/recline/leg elevate chair, both feet swell to the size of a can of ham on several occasions. Kicking back, with feet higher than heart, solved my swelling. I try to do it daily for maintenance for an hour or so. Sometimes for most of day if I'm tired from previous day activities. Swelling makes my ankles hurt. Side effects of "kicking back"; every 2 hours I have to pee and it makes me drowsy while watching TV (gotta do something when in kick back mode). When I can see blood vessels in feet and calf muscles pronounced (not round), I know I've kicked back enough.

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