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Thread: Is Botox the solution ?

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    My bladder would spasm at a lesser volume than yours OP.
    Oxybutinin never worked for me and I was taking the absolute max dose.
    I have been getting botox for about 2 years now. Last about half a year, probably a bit more.

    Mize, is right - it is a game changer. I have not noticed any side-effects.
    Canadian bacon is a fraud !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjls View Post
    I am scared to dead of that botox as its botulism I lost a really nice mare to that we put her to sleep but it was killing her. while I was at hepards 2 dummyies came in from Miami paralyzed due to botox

    yeah no thank you

    There is an episode of American greed of these doctors that bought powdered botulinum for like 10 bucks from a bio-chemical company and they were mixing it themselves, but charging the botox prices - which is like over a grand. They got caught because they accidently over dosed a few patients.
    Canadian bacon is a fraud !!!!

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