I am sick of the entire system and what it does to us. Not only we had a life changing accidents now I have to fight for everything. I cant even get my medication covered so now I am suppose to pay $900.00 a month from my $1300.00 SSDI? Enough about me. Maybe I cant help someone else.
My C-5 C-6 injury left me a long road to recovery. I am also diagnosed with Brown-Sequard syndrome. I was lucky enough to recover the ability to walk and have complete use of my left side though right hand never returned.
I have been looking for a spinal cord support group up here in the Albany NY area with no luck. I do not like speaking with others about injures because I usually get oh I broke my ankle once .I know just what you went through? Seriously I will just end it there. You have no clue.....
Anyone in or near Albany that can use a hand or ride to a appointment I would not mind helping. I enjoy getting out of the house and can do almost all chores just with 1 hand it takes me a little longer though there is not much that I have not been able to do.
If anyone hears of a support group in the Albany area please let me know mark813@gmail.com Anyone needs help let me know.

Basically willing to help anyone that I can.

Thanks Mark