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Thread: Indwelling Catheter accident.

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    Indwelling Catheter accident.

    Anyone accidentally inflated the indwelling catheter's balloon in the urinal tract instead of in the bladder before? My helper been helping my change my catheter for about 6years already, but yesterday mistaken inflated the balloon in the urinal tract and cause it to bleed. Went to the A&E, the doctor inserted a new catheter and says it will heal by itself. The bleeding seems to slow down, but if i need to move my body it bleed from the penis tip and then stops. It didn't flow back in the bladder. How long will it takes to heal?

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    Yes, this happened to me and had to go to the ER. There was a lot of bleeding. It shouldn't that long to heal, as I recall. It's important that you see urine flow before charging the balloon.

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    Thanks for your input. Just worried if i need surgery to close the wound.

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    Unfourtunately this has happened sevral times. Besides the AD and the enourmous amounts of blood it's always managed to heal itself within a week or so.

    It was already mentioned but repeating for much needed emphasis. Do not inflate unless you get urine output.

    Good luck, hope you heal-up!
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    For males always insert indwelling urethral catheters all the way to the Y before inflating, not just until you see urine flow.

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    Thanks everyone. Will always remember this lesson.

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