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Thread: Honda Odyssey + Adapt Solutions Hi-Lift Transfer Board + Speedy-Lift wheelchair lift

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    Honda Odyssey + Adapt Solutions Hi-Lift Transfer Board + Speedy-Lift wheelchair lift

    Does anyone have this combination? I'm considering going from a Mazda 5 with that equipment to a Honda Odyssey. The main difference I am worried about is from going to an even transfer to seat (Mazda 5) to a raised transfer to seat (Odyssey). That is where the motorized transfer board comes in instead of the stationary one on the 5. How much longer does it take? Can I skip going up/down and do the transfer manually? Is it a worthwhile upgrade?

    Thanks everyone

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    I have a 2011 Odyssey. I use a sliding board to help me transfer in(I'm a C6/7). Pretty easy and I pull the chair in behind me. Works very well. I've been meaning to shoot a video... Here's an old video I saw when I was researching the idea.

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    Juniorsenior- have you been happy with the speedy lift? Just looking into it myself. Being a petite female lifting my chair is getting harder and harder. Trying to avoid ramp van. No garage space to deploy ramp. Where in WI did you get it done (I am also in WI)? All the mobility dealers I’ve talked to with the speedy lift keep trying to sell me a van. �� How does it do with snow?

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    MrSporto - Thank you for the video. That confirms the large change in height between wheelchair and van seat for me. I know the odyssey is the lowest minivan but i was hoping the transfer would be less change than that.

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    mwheelz2 - I love the SpeedyLift. I also love most parts about the Mazda 5. It's not spectacular in the snow but with decent tires you can get through everything but a ditch or field I don't have any worries about taking it out in winter. The biggest downside to it is not having a power sliding door - so I use a shortened dressing stick to pull the door closed. The garage is the biggest reason I keep it at the moment - I love being able to park in my single garage! I think an Odyssey with the SpeedyLift will still fit but I'm not entirely sure yet.

    I got my conversion done at A&J Mobility in Valders. They gave me a big sales pitch how they were the first company in WI to work with Adapt Solutions and yada yada...when it came time to actually install the conversion, it turns out it was the first one any of the guys in the shop did. I wish I would have gone to an installer near Milwaukee who probably sees more vans.

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