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    I amassed a pretty good library of books during my 40 or so years pre-injury. Now, as a quad with very limited hand function, I find that physical books are no longer my best bet. Has anyone had success replacing a library with electronic alternatives, or with another approach? I have a Kindle, but I'm not too eager to buy all of my books over again! And I certainly don't have the spare time to scan all my books to PDF and then upload them. I read a note on the internet that an app came out years ago to help find free ebook replacements for physical books that you own, but it looks like it's no longer on the app store.

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    I am not aware of any app or service that would either locate or give you a free ebook for purchased physical books so I can’t help with that and overall, the news is not great.

    Years ago, a friend took my many boxes of books and sent them to a scanning service with material from her job, which got me an excellent discount. The books got scanned in a way that permanently destroyed the paper copies and I got high quality, formatted and OCRed files. There are some issues with this - there was (and maybe still is) debate over whether ownership of a paper copy of a book entitles you to format shift (swap from paper to file), and there are substantial concerns about file quality. The cost of getting a book scanned now ranges from $1-15, and the file quality is often sketchy, because of OCR issues. It’s pretty grim, but the only way to get recent titles or titles that the copyright has been maintained on is to buy them or to borrow them from the library. If copyright is expired, Project Gutenberg may have a pdf/ePub/Mobi for download.

    In addition to your local library, I’d talk to any nearby higher education libraries, which will often waive membership fees and tend to have a lot of journal subscriptions and also check the open library for borrowable files. Also, if you can’t hold a book and are willing to go through the process, you could sign up for the library of Congress’ Daisy book service, which will lend you audiobooks of pretty much anything, as far as I can tell.

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    I get audio books from local library. I can choose the different apps ( I listen on an iPad) ?Libby? ( play on library) and ?Overdrive? is another that?s easy to use and works well.

    I just go to the library site and download from there so it doesn?t require a trip to the library. Our local library also participates in an Inter-loan program where they will get books from all over the State .

    For print can download also and read on Kindle app or right on the iPad.

    I?ve thought of looking into Library of Congress loan program but haven?t done so yet. I am pretty sure it just takes your physician to sign off on paperwork for eligibility.
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    My daughter used Bookshare when she was in school. It is not just for students but along with text books they have hundreds of thousands of books to choose from. Cost is $50 a year (if you are not a student) but everything is available on multiple devices and is yours to keep. Unlimited access and up to 100 downloads a month.

    Check out the FAQ for more info.

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    The library of Congress daisy sign up is really easy - it’s a form and a physician sign off, someone did it for me when I was first hurt and couldn’t use my arms - just be aware it’s about 95% audiobooks.

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    Thanks everyone. Super helpful information, particularly with respect to Bookshare and the Library of Congress. I didn't expect a great way to easily convert all of my hard back books, but I'll seek alternatives!

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