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Thread: RING Doorbell/Cam

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    We just installed Ring 2 days ago. It is an extra edition and useful. It costs $2-3 month. It keeps the data for 30 days. I think it is good.

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    I got a Ring doorbell last summer and really like it. My biggest issue was when people knocked at my door and did not stay there long enough for me to get to the door. At least now I can see which inconsiderate person was the offender of the day. It has also been great for deliveries. Even if a deliver person cannot wait for me to get to the door I am aware that there is a package out there ready to bring in.

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    Have a IR camera on my front door on the network and my doorbell rings line #2 on my phone. (Dorfone) Been there for 20 years and the device has an option or feature that will open the door remotely. It was too expensive and use the garage door opener to let people in instead.

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