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Thread: Get a free Google Mini hub

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    I received mine. They were real quick about it.

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    Hey Google, stay quiet! I received mine in four days and bought a couple of smart wall switches for a ceiling fan and some overhead lights, both in the bedroom. Everything's fine except that when I ask it to do anything about the fan I get a repeat the request while doing it. So if I say Hey Google turn on the fan. It will say "sure, turning on the fan". When I ask it to turn on the lights, it simply does the task, no chit-chat. I've done a bunch of searching of online forums and it looks like this is something that aggravates a lot of people but has not generated a fix from Google, or a work around in the aftermarket. I wouldn't have much hope except for that it stays silent while controlling the lights. The Alexa at my gym asked me if I wanted to stop the talking and of course I said yes. Anybody have a suggestion for Google?

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