Recently had a small perennial garden put in. The landscaper put in about 7 plants and said they will thrive better if I trim any spent flowers/leaves. If I could figure out how to put a photo here I'd love to show it off, it's beautiful. It's a gift my husband and I are giving to ourselves - no longer able to take vacations/trips.
But.......I can't reach to trim the inner plants and I'm googling the internet and amazon for a tool, maybe about 3 to 4 feet long with a clipper at the end. One-hand use would be best as the other hand will stabilize me in my chair. Also, it needs to be light weight.

I'm running out of options and thinking I need to try adding a small clipper to the end of one of my 3' reachers. I'd really like to try doing the upkeep myself.

Any suggestions?