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Thread: Milestone: No longer anyone?s grandchild.

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    Milestone: No longer anyone?s grandchild.

    We buried my paternal grandfather today; I was blessed to have three grandparents for over three decades of my life. My maternal grandfather died prior to my being born.

    The service was beautiful. It honored his life in the service during WWII and as a fireman in the New Orleans Fire Department.

    I got to see many people who I haven?t seen in years, some since before Katrina. We reconnected, shared phone numbers, made plans, etc.

    The cemetery was peaceful, the blue sky majestic, and an overall tranquility to it all.

    My cousin?s son, Gunner, had such a beautiful insight for a young man. I was asked to roll beside the casket as a pallbearer, and without even asking, he jumped in and helped me by pushing me while I held onto the casket. Then he generously pushed me to the burial site across the street, while laughingly telling his sister she was lazy for not wanting to walk (she wanted to ride there by car). Such a noble act from an old soul at a mere twelve years of age.
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    We've long passed sending our greatest generation off in ceremony. Your story brought back memories of WWII family veterans and being asked to roll next to them. They were my heroes who instilled it was my duty and honor to serve. Seeing relatives I rarely knew. Sounds like it was one of celebration, memories of times past and healing of old wounds. Gunner sounds like a fine young man. What a refreshing story.

    Yes the old souls, with a young heart.
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    What a loving tribute to your grandfather, and such a dear introduction to your cousin's old soul, yes indeed. I'm glad you had this warm experience as a sendoff for your grandfather.
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    Loved your comments. That you were even asked to be a pallbearer is amazing and thoughtful - as well as your cousin's son's behavior.

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    your 12 year old cousin is gonna be a heck of a young man he has great parents

    grand parent are so wonderful t

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    Thank you all for the comments. Yes, I told my cousin that her son will be fine man throughout his life. Of course, my mother told me he reminded her of me when I was a kid. Who knows?

    My father: “Gunner, how old are you?”
    Gunner: “Twelve.”
    My father: “We thought you were older as you’re such a character and carry yourself so much more maturely.”
    Gunner: “Yeah, I know.”
    (all of us chuckle)

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    Hard to tell exactly, but I detect a strong familial facial resemblance between you and your grandfather.

    As long as you have loving memories you will have the presence of your departed loved ones with you always.

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    Todd. That is a touching eulogy to your Grandfather and an uplifting telling, especially that of your cousins Son.
    And the mantle is passed on to be carried with dignity and responsibility.
    Thank you Todd. Keep well matey.

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    the true greatest generation, god only help us should our current lot be called upon like those guys were.
    not to take anything way from those serving overseas now, it's just that back then there was a greater ratio of heroes v men.

    ps ; nice scene you conveyed to us todd. I've long admired you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    ps ; nice scene you conveyed to us todd. I've long admired you.
    Thank you! Likewise. Hugs.

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