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Thread: Clinitron beds

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    Clinitron beds

    Does anyone know

    = are there any kind of air fluidized beds other than Clinitron?
    = Is there a difference between institutional and home versions?
    = Are they available in different sizes?

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    I don't know but my wound center doctor wrote me up an order for a Clinitron Ritehite bed a couple weeks ago and I finally heard back from my local medical supply place that my insurance (medicare and medicaid) won't pay for it because its a $10,000 bed. It doesn't surprise me though, because it was difficult to get them to pay for my current Invacare True Low Air Loss mattress and it was around $3000, I think.

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    I was led to believe a person couldn't buy a Clinitron. That was 2016 so things may have changed.

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    Correct terminology is air fluidized. Clinitron is Hill-Rom's full air fluidized bed, the Rite-Hite is their hybrid air fluidized/low air loss (LAL) bed.

    Blue Chip Medical makes the Airus air fluidized bed, but my experience with it is not positive.

    Aurora makes the HydroAire air fluidized bed which is comparable to the Clinitron.

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