I am part of a totally unrelated forum, discussing philosophy. A person with a serious brain injury has joined in our discussions. She is intelligent and well-read, but comes across as argumentative and dogmatic in what she believes. Every response to what someone else says sounds like: 'that's fine if you believe that, but ...' and then she goes on to argue the flaws of their beliefs. And a few times, she's said, 'why is everyone arguing with me, when all I am doing is ...'

Many people have stopped engaging this person. I have tried to continue, and to stear the discussion towards facts and trying to remind this person - and myself - that we all have different ways of seeing things, but this is not working, and they continue to insist on everyone being in agreement with how they see things.

I'm wondering then, does anyone have any advice for how I might best continue to interact with her? Or, is it simply best not to engage her at all? (which seems a bit like turning my back on this person.)

Best, DKF.