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    Angry Burning back pain

    Hey all.
    Im c6/7 complete since 2002.
    Year and a half ago started to have burning back pain. It kinda stays in the middle of my back, right bellow injury level and off shoots into the shoulders(back of the underpits) and down into the kidneys. Atleast that's how i fell it.
    The pain can get so severe, that it can shoot up my neck and into the back of my head.
    It comes down a little bit when I lie down, but comes right back up when I get up to sit in my manual wheelchair. Extra strenght tylenol helps abit too.
    Im in Canada Toronto, so getting a diagnos is impossible.
    3 month wait to see a physiatrist, just to find out that he specialises in spasm and has no idea whats wrong with me.
    Now another 3 month wait for another.
    If anyone had similar pains please tell me. I'll atleast know what im dealing with.
    Also an advice wich specialist to see is highly welcome
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    If it’s new I would just make sure you have no pressure soars or anything irritating you thst you can’t feel. But I have similar pain the only thing thst helps is being more active working out and stretching. But the only thing thst really helps me actually able to move is taking meds like hydrocodone. But that’s not to easy to get anymore not sure about where you are. I always have trouble with doctors because I can’t technically feel so they kinda make me feel like I’m lying to get meds or something I hate it they don’t seem to understand sci even sci doctors I hate thst I have to feel bad about goin cus I’m in pain in parts I dont feel like dude I don’t understand it either but it’s there

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    Sounds similar to what I have...
    I had an MRI and they found arthritis in my lower back L1 - L5. No magic, but they reduced the pain with steroid shots in my lower back and then I had RFA(radio frequency ablation), lasts about a year and then it comes back.

    Still have pain, but it helps.

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    Thanx! Will defenetly do an mri then. See what they'll tell me.

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