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Thread: Schwalbe Right Runs disintegrating

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    Right runs I think are court tire. For basketball, tennis etc. Friend of mine use to use them but they wore so fast gave it up for Primo Sentinals. Seem to be a good midway between Right runs and marathons.

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    I submitted a warranty claim to Schwalbe and got a response within the hour. They are sending me a pair of new tires (although, if the tires just aren't as durable as they used to be, that's not necessarily a great thing).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVillageIdiot View Post
    I used Right Runs exclusively until 2015. Since then I have had three tire failures and have switched to Marathon Plus with no more problems.

    I had one blowout and two tires kept popping off the rims (Spinergy rims)
    Same exact blowout a few weeks ago. I was on vacation and had to overnight new tires, bike shops didn't have any fits.

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