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Thread: New Wheelchair Time!

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    I think because I put a link into my other reply to this, it maybe didn't get approved. I had linked to my service dog's facebook. He is a golden retriever also. I'm hoping the rest of the reply shows up as it took a while to type out, but I want to thank you for your reply, Endo_aftermath. It was really thought out and a lot of good info. If it doesn't show up tomorrow I'll try to remember what I said and type it back out.
    I do not have an SCI; I have a genetic connective tissue disorder [Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome] It is degenerative and has affected my spine most of all, as well as most of my joints, causing them to degenerate, subluxate and dislocate VERY easily due to my body making defective collagen.

    I also have a disorder of my autonomic nervous system, Dysautonomia, which causes tachycardia at random times, and hypovolemia among others.
    I'm in a wheelchair about 80% of the time due to these.

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    I just got a new tilite zra with all the options, carbon fiber everything, folding side guards,back rest , camber tube carbon fiber wheels,backrest fold handle, I got every carbon item they sold to make it as light as possible. I have the carbon core and topolino wheels I love both of them both are very similar in weight. I love the scissor locks I wouldn?t get any other kind. The back rest is well I have 2 one roho type mid contour has a little balloon in it also have an Adi mid contour and I like thst one better the mounts are way better . Also have a smart drive they say you can?t use with the carbon camber toon but I made them order anyway and have no issues. I?m looking for a solid seat pan as I agree the regular ones end up sagging. Also if you worry about pressure do not get the ride design cushion I ended up having to buy a roho to replace it. Hope this helps ask load my chair in the car so easy disassembly and weight is #1 if you want message me I can send pictures or give more info on does and don?t if you get a zra or areo z

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    Also be careful I saw with your insurance changes October I had an issue I ordered well before mine did but most companies don?t actually submit it until they deliver the chair so I met my deductible and order chair before renewal but since they submit to insurance officially when u get it you might get screwed. So I would order ASAP and get it as soon as it?s ready . They will say it?s ok but trust me it?s not and will be charged after you get it so push them to make it before October as much as you can

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