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Thread: Where is the place to get Vetericyn these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    Where does Hydrocleanse from oculus fit in? Is it the same as microcin or vetericyn?
    Hydrocleanse is made by Sonoma Pharmaceuticals formerly known as Oculus Innovative Sciences headquartered in Petalum, Ca.. They are the owner of the trademark and patent for Microcycn/Microcyn Technology. Microcyn, MicrocynAH are both produced with patented Microcyn Technology. Microcyn is recognized as the "human" formulation and MicrocynAH is recognized as the "animal" formulation. Manna Pro has the patented license to produce an animal formulation using Microcyn Technology under the Theracyn name.

    Hydrocleanse was bottled by Oculus Innovative Sciences after they did not renew the trademark and patented license to Innovacyn. The Hydrocleanse name was an interim step to market a human recognized fomulation after the technology was not renewed to Innovacyn. I don't know for certain, but I don't think Sonoma Pharmaceuticals has plans to continue to support the Hydroclense label long term.

    Innovacyn, headquartered in Rialto, CA, manufactures Puracyn and Vetericyn labeled products. Puracyn is recognized as the "human" formulation and Vetericyn is recognized as the animal formulation.

    Hope that helps clear that up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neseiniowa View Post
    Not sure if this is where this goes, but I'm looking for answers ? Everything appears to be under reply? New to this. Please excuse mistakes! Thank God for this thread! I have been reading various threads/posts for months when I get a minute seeking knowledge! I believe this is the most recent thread?

    Hubs is 80. Was told in 2016 that he had MRSA and Pseudomonas colonized. Became non-ambulatory when hospitalized with septic MRSA 12/2016, care center for skilled 1/2017, back to hospital with new episode of MRSA 2/2017. Brought home March 2017. They told me he would live 3 months. Multiple UTI's/hospitalizations. Finally, suprapubic surgery 7/2017. (After trial and error, change every 2 weeks is what is done.) UTI again 9/2017 and 11/2017. Started Macrobid 11/2017 as prophylactic. I can tell when he has a UTI because of behaviors -- aggressive, not eating, not drinking, urinate out penis and altered mental state. Rarely he has spasms. He does NOT run a fever and his white count does not raise in his blood. (It does raise in his urine).

    He remained out of the hospital until 4/17/2019 when pseudomonas grew in his urine. Treated with IV antibiotics. (They couldn't believe he was still alive -- almost 2 years out of hospital!) Home 4/28/2019. Back in 5/10/2019 with fungus in urine. Treated with anti-fungal. Home 5/17/2019. Altered mental state continued. Another UA done on 5/25/2019 when urine turned to blood. Pseudomonas. Lab acknowledges was probably there in May, but masked by fungus. Treated at home with 14 days Cipro. Still there. Supposedly susceptible to Levaquin. Just concluded 10 days of that. New UA to be taken Monday. My bet is on the pseudomonas. Wanting to try this regimen of the now MannaPro or Theracyn on him. Should I wait until UA done on Monday? If still pseudomonas, I believe they will hospitalize again. Hospital is diagnosing altered mental state to vascular dementia, but immediately following antibiotic, brain is much clearer. Being in the hospital just adds to the confusion and exposes him to other infections. I really want to try and get this addressed outside on a long-term basis, but may have to do in-patient once more. Doc is at her wits end. I showed her some print outs from this board and she said order it if I want and she would just document it. She has no experience with it. So any recommendations? I am a Prime member so will look there. My home health will not provide supplies, so is there a list of supplies I need and I will order those as well. Thank you!

    I can't advise on what you should do. Microcyn, MicrocynAH, Hydocleanse, Vetericyn, Puracyn, and Theracyn are all used experimentally and off label by some of us for the purpose of trying to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). There have been no clinical trials. Some people who have tried these products to help prevent UTIs have reported good results. Some people who have tried these products to help prevent UTIs have have not reported good results.

    As for the basic items you need to try these products:
    1. Luer Lock tipped syringes (no needles) in 10cc, 30cc, and/or 60cc depending on the amount you have determined to try. The Luer Lock tip is suggested because it "docks" securely with the funnel end of a supra pubic catheter and product can be instilled into the bladder and removed from the bladder after a predetermined time the product has been retained in the bladder. It should be said that many who use intermittent catheterization leave the product in the bladder until the next scheduled catheterization. Some people use a new syringe for each instillation. Some wash the syringe with hot water and soap and reuse syringes for a couple weeks.

    2. Catheter plugs or clamps to hold the catheter closed while the product is being retained. Catheter plugs fit into the funnel end of a catheter and probably should be wiped down with a little of the product or alcohol sprayed on a cotton pad or ball.

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    GJ, I am using Theracyn, .009% concentration. What are your thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    I'm seeing about 10 offers ( for 16 ounce Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound and Skin Care, ranging from $29.99 to $44.65 most with free shipping.

    I prefer MicrocynAH Wound and Skin Care. Amazon has this product for $22.95, subscription ordering (save up to 5%) and free shipping over $25.00 purchase or free with Prime. Not a bad deal.
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    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    Quote Originally Posted by paramoto View Post
    GJ, I am using Theracyn, .009% concentration. What are your thoughts?
    Theracyn is made by Manna Pro who holds a license to use Microcyn technology. So essentially it is MicrocynAH.

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    Leaving this discussion up to the experts - those who use it.
    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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