My wife and I have been to Las Vegas many, many times. However, I am now 65 and she is 68. She had a total hip done two years ago and her other hip will be done in early September. She has a torn rotator cuff and her back is bad. I have had my butt surgically repaired twice in the past three years. As such, we are not "spring chickens" any longer and I need help transferring in and out of bed. We always stay at the Bellagio.

Does anyone know if I can get some sort of help in Las Vegas to help me get in and out of bed only. No showers, no bowel or bladder help needed, no dressing or undressing help needed either. All I need is one or possibly two people to lift me into my wheelchair from the bed in the morning and out of my wheelchair and into the bed at night.

I will be contacting our casino host at the Bellagio to see if he has any suggestions. But there are only two rooms there that have ceiling lifts and they cannot guarantee I will get one of those rooms. I got fucked over by the casino host about six years ago when he guaranteed me the room and when we went to check in upon arrival, the rooms had been given to other people and they would not move out of the rooms for me.

I don't really want to pay for my PCA to come with us as I would have to pay for the flight and her room which would be around $1400 just for her.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.