Does anyone know of any TRULY wheelchair accessible beachfront condos on the east coast, specifically North or South Carolina? Most consider having an elevator to be enough. While we?ve ?managed? for a week by using pool shower and working around toilet accessibility, this is certainly not optimal. Sometimes if there is truly a property that would work it sleeps 10+. We only need room for 2.

Second, is there any carry on luggage that will accommodate a 30-32? transfer board? We never check it and between carrying it AND the Roho it makes it difficult to juggle everything. I can?t find a rolling duffle any longer than 30?. We don?t need a giant one, just maybe a ?compartment? for the board.

Lastly, for anyone who relies on a stocking butler - AKA stocking donner, putting on custom stockings can be tough without it! Is there anything made that would maybe collapse for travel?