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Thread: Travel accessories plus east coast beach rentals

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    When you click on the link try playing with different dates and you will be surprised by moving a trip a week back or forward, middle of the week for weekend these can make a big change in the over all cost.

    Also check rates on a Tuesday and Wednesday and Sunday as rates change daily.

    When you open the link on google maps you can type in places near by and get great restaurant ideas, markets and things to do!

    Let me know how else I can help...

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    rollpositive i sent you a private message
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    rollpositive i sent you a private message
    Got it any idea when your traveling?

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    Wow - that's great information! It will take me a while to sort through it! We are open on dates - like September after Labor Day because it's much less crowded - and usually less expensive. We've done the whole Saturday-Saturday condo rental and it was awesome - last time was only $650 for the week, so we're spoiled, but my husband could not use either bathroom so we are willing to pay more to have that "luxury". We love oceanfront so it's less of a schlep to the beach. We generally get up, make a good breakfast and head down to the beach for the day, snacks in hand. We don't return until the very last minute we can and ease into the dinner/evening. Sometimes we cook in, sometimes we go out. We usually do one night of a special (more expensive) dinner, but the rest is simple, even cooking fresh fish at the condo. Does this help narrow it down? We are open to sharing a house/condo with another couple, but let's face it, most able-bodied couples are taken aback with some of the special situations we find ourselves in. Thanks for the info!

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