Hi all,

A fellow high-level quadriplegic is wondering about how to find and evaluate long-term care options.

She is also a ventilator user, currently living with her parents in the Orlando area.

Long story short, she has lived at home for many years, with her parents having significant caregiving roles, but she sees the time approaching when they will no longer be able to care for her in-home, and is thinking a long-term care facility might be in the relatively near future. She asked me if I knew a good social worker or knowledgeable advocate who could help her figure out the best option(s) for her.

Trainman shared the ventusers.org resource which has Ventilator Care Facilities listed by state: http://ventusers.org/net/VentDIR_Facilities.pdf but I don't know how up-to-date that list is. It looks like a good starting point, except there are only two facilities listed in Florida.

I am just wondering if any of y'all might have additional thoughts on how to identify and evaluate the options.

Many thanks,