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Thread: Fold out ramp hitting another car

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    Quote Originally Posted by swannyriver View Post
    Where does the ramp stowaway once your chair is in the car?
    folded, it's 9" thick and would just fit in the luggage area of this wagon, but with the chair loaded in the middle W/ZX-1 attached, we stand it on edge. On edge, the taper of the tailgate won't accommodate it so we fold over the smaller part of the rear seat. If the ZX1 wasn't under the chair, we could put the ramp down the middle and not fold a seat.
    If 33lbs is difficult, the hinges can be separated easily yielding two 16.5lb parts and, perhaps, alternate storage possibilities. There, you got me to think! Hmmm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    our new (2018) Volvo,we can start with cell phone!
    now that scary

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