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Thread: leaking ROHO

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    leaking ROHO

    I have a 2 chamber low profile ROHO. One side is leaking. Can't find the leak. Can't hear it when I blow it up. Can't find it submerged in water. I even put it in the deep sink with two 10 pound weights to hold it under water. No bubbles. I've put it in the water upside down, folded in half, no bubbles. If I sit on it, it deflates in a day.
    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Did you put some dish detergent in water?
    Sometimes the small holes will give you bubbles on an overinflated cushion.

    As you probably know too, the valve can sometimes be the problem and easy to replace.
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    Maddening, to say the least. I've been there. One thing you don't want to do is use a compressor to get the pressure in the fingers too high. It will blow out a finger like a balloon. Keep looking. I found that if you look at each finger separately it might make a difference. I had a leak recently that when inflated, was pressing against the next finger and, cutting off the leak as I tried to spot it. Leaking patches are another culpert. Loose stem tighteners are another source. Good luck. If all else fails, you might try a bike shop to see if they have any better luck.
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    some holes seem to open and close depending on the way the cushion is. I just patched a hole that deflated my roho. I filled it up just to get me home and stayed filled for a week. So I figured it was the valve. Yesterdayout of the blue it leaked down and would leak down fast after inflating.

    Trying to find the hole it would not bubble under water until I over inflated the cushion and squeezed each cell. Finally finding a tiny hole. Hope that helps in your quest to find the leak.

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    I just patched some cat claw holes in a Roho. I had to blow the thing up like a ballon, way over pressure, before the bubbles were noticeable. I used a bathtub so I didn't have to fold it or anything. Took a while.
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    I have had the same problem before. Sometimes I can hear the leak but when I put it under water no bubbles. You will need to move each cell around until you see bubbles. Those leaks can be hard to find.

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    Take the cover off and blow both chambers up to the extreme with the inflation pump. You want so much air in the cushion that it rolls up almost like a ball. Leave it in that condition overnight. If there is a leak, by morning one of the chambers will no longer be rolled up which at least lets you know there is a pin hole in that section that needs attention. Feel free to send me your cushion serial number (on the white label on the underside of the cushion) and I can also check for warranty coverage which is based on the age of the cushion. My email is

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    What is the normal warranty time frame

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    Back when I was running a roho, I would just keep sitting on it and inflating it several times a day until the hole got big enough that I could find it. Once it started bottoming out every 3-4 hours the leak was usually big enough to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavender lady View Post
    What is the normal warranty time frame

    Limited Warranty on Roho Cushions

    What is covered? Defects in materials or workmanship of the product.
    For how long? The warranty term varies by product. Please refer to the instructions provided with the product.
    What is not covered? A product that has been misused, damaged by an accident, or damaged from “an act of Nature”, e.g., flood, tornado, earthquake, fire. Any substitutions of supplied product accessories or modification to the product will void the warranty.
    What the customer must do: Contact ROHO, Inc. Items sent without prior authorization will not be returned to the customer.
    Disclaimer and Limitation of Warranties: Any implied warranties, including the MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, are limited to the time period defined in the instructions provided with the product, and any action for a breach of such warranties or any express warranties herein must be commenced within that time. ROHO, Inc. shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, whether as a result of a breach of express or implied warranties or otherwise. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long implied warranties will last and some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental damages, so those provisions may not apply to you. While this warranty gives you specific legal rights, you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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