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Thread: [MODS PLEASE DELETE] adding pacers to rear wheels of a TiLite Z

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    [MODS PLEASE DELETE] adding pacers to rear wheels of a TiLite Z

    CORRECTION: post title should read "adding spacers to rear wheels on TiLite X"

    I'm trying to add some spacers to my rear wheels so that my mountain bike tires don't rub on my seat back. I have a set of these: i just unscrewed the axel sleeve from the camber plug, put the axel sleeve sleeve through the spacers and now I'm attempting to screw the axel sleeve back into the camber plug. The assembly instructions say to hand tighten the axel sleeve, but I'm having a hell of a time doing that. After about 2 or 3 turns, it becomes all but impossible. With a wrench, it will go but with A LOT of resistance. There was about the same amount of resistance getting the last quarter inch or so of the axel sleeve OUT of the camber plug as well, so I'm hoping maybe I'm ok to keep using the wrench, but I definitely don't want to cross the threads or anything like that. I've WD-40-ed all surfaces.

    Any idea if that last part (while unscrewing and this now the 1st part when screwing back in) tends to be harder than the rest? should I keep going with the wrench? It **looks** like it's going in straight but I don't totally trust my judgement there, and certainly don't trust my quad hands.

    Any suggestions?
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