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I picked the van up Monday, clean, waxed and a tankful of gas. Big difference between a 13" and 10". We drove home in a loaner Dodge with 13 and definitely one wasn't for me. I got the 2019 Touring P with custom leather.https://www.absolutemobilitycenter.c...e-wa/35135913/ . It was the only 10" he had in stock. It had the same S package the previous one was but with cloth. I went with the Touring L because I wanted leather and it was a good deal. The one I got is like i would've ordered if had leather. So best of both worlds. He had 50 13" drops and one 10". Someone may have screwed up and ordered a 10" drop when they wanted a 13. Or just out of them.

The fold out is extremely quiet. It's almost surreal going over my bumpy country road. So far no challenges with the ramp space. It has a smaller steering wheel than my 2000 with the steering being very positive. There is much more room in the back than others checked out. I'm liking it more and more. There's plenty of room behind the rear seat for storage. I don't like not having a spare. There is an option for one.
Something that's going to take getting used to are the extra steps needed to transfer to the seat. It's just getting used to a new transfer. If anything, getting the high quality leather he had done, it was worth it. I understand the old one may already be sold. It was a loaded one for sure. I like the Pacifica, Braun did a clean job on the interior and mechanics. There is more room in the back. I'll miss the simplicity of the 2000 but won't for long.

Conversing with rep who brokered the deal, the 10" is available in foldout version only... for now. It seems the conversion dealers are pushing the 12-14" drops.
Looks nice. I am jealous of the mileage. I'm getting 12 MPG. Enjoy.

By the way, what do you do if you get a flat? Will AAA bring you a wheel? Or do you have to get it towed?