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Thread: Managing Colonoscopy Prep with Colostomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChesBay View Post
    Did you have your colonoscopy done in a hospital or at a clinic type deal w/ colorectal Deadeye?

    I just got a "reminder" from colorectal recently. Last time the anesthesiologist went a little crazy on him because I was in a regular setting. There weren't any problems. She wants the next time to be a hospital. I have had 2 over the years prefer to stay away from hospitals.
    Hospital, Digestive Health Clinic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
    Hospital, Digestive Health Clinic.
    Sounds good, thanks.
    I might as well do the hospital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChesBay View Post
    Sounds good, thanks.
    I might as well do the hospital.
    I've had colonoscopies done in a hospital endoscopy out patient setting and in a clinic with a full time anesthesiologist. It really all depends on what your gastroenterologist and his anesthesiologist are comfortable with. You need to ask lots of questions. That said, you need to understand what your insurance will cover before you make this decision.

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    My GI Dr elected to do me in the hospital and not the earth persons clinic.

    IMO the drugs in the hospital are better
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