when I first got hurt like 16 years ago I didn't have any physical therapy or rehab due to the severity of my injury, I spent like the immediate whole first seven months in ICU and the next like 6 months in the "regular" part of the hospital but no rehab maybe due to severe malnutrition and lingering stage IV bedsores... Leading to my question: I don't remember ever having a proper ASIA exam, I had like a half-ass one ten years ago where I think I was classified as C456 ASIA A, so by one neurological level I wouldn't fit the inclusion criteria for the upcoming scinetusa trials... I have been doing out-patient physical rehab for like the last 4 years and I am physically better off than I was way back when I had my last ASIA exam... My question is: is it worth getting a new ASIA exam to see if I improved one measly neurological level and therefore would be eligible for scinetusa? My thinking is that through rehab; my ASIA class may have improved but not the neurological level from C4,that can't physically improve, can it?
Would it be worth getting a new ASIA exam?