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Thread: E350 XLT Super Duty Van - Single user / driver with lots of upgrades

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    E350 XLT Super Duty Van - Single user / driver with lots of upgrades

    If you looking for the most convenient and comfortable transportation for you or a family member with a wheelchair. This Ford E-Series 350 is filled with modern safety, convenience features, and upgrades that will make travel much, much easier! *Single Driver / User E-350 XLT Super Duty - 2012 *Low Miles = 40K *Flex Fuel capable *Ford's AdvanceTrac RSC traction and stability control system is a definite plus, AdvanceTrac? with RSC? is Ford?s premium electronic stability system that improves vehicle control and stability on all driving surfaces, including snow, ice, gravel, rain-covered roads, and dry pavement. *Self Ratcheting Tie Down system for easy and convenient security of heavy duty wheelchairs No need to pull and tug on the tie downs. It does it on its own. *InterMotive = Intelligent Lift Interlock System *Single Hand controls for Door Opening and Lift System *Custom Front Seat with Slide and Swivel Controls for easy access to Wheelchair and Rear Van access. *Wifi installed and included. Connect with your preferred service provider. *Custom installed Front and Rear additional Super Bright LED light bars for outstanding exterior lighting. *Factory Class 3 towing package *Custom built tool and organizing system to secure your many extras *Ford OEM Rear Bench seat included. Kelly Blue Book gives this Van 4.5 stars! We can coordinate delivery with you! Van needs a new home. Ask any and All questions. $33K
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    I would love to hear feedback from any forum members in regards to the van post. Suggestion box is wide open!

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    What's bad is you can't run those high tops threw the automatic car wash. Also those 1 ton vans ride like a lumber wagon. Rode in a few just about broke my back. Hard rides really hurt my back. Also those vans had timing chain problems which cost about 5 grand to get fixed. That ford engine was bad at that. The pentastar v6 engine has the same problem to. Wish they go back to the pushrod engine. JMO for what's it's worth.

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    New price = $29K

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    I still think your price is too high. Depreciation on adaptive vans is VERY steep. Check out similar vehicles on Disabled Dealer (and this may also be a good place to advertise yours).

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    I sold mine on craigslist the same day I post it in the atlanta ga area

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    Hello Art!
    1. I would agree with you on not running them through the car wash. An option would be a good mobile car washer. Company shows up and interior exterior. Done!
    2. I drove this yesterday. I do agree that Fords, especially the older trucks would ride stiff. Maybe this is the lucky one. It rides really smooth.
    3. Havent had any issues with motor!
    Thanks for the response!

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    Thank you for the tip!

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    I posted the van on blvd and the approval process has taken a long time. thank you for the suggestion.

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    I wish vans like these were made with out high top. Can't go in parking decks.

    Also, lowered floor ramp vans are ridiculous. Why not have full air bag suspension that lowers van to the ground? Of course you'd have to duck your head and recline seat back but that's better than a jacked up van that's easy to roll over crash.
    I'm looking for a plain full size (not extended) van that I can air bag the suspension and have a side ramp or lift installed in rear and not air bag suspension.

    AMG (same GM co. that made Hummer) made a small SUV like vehicle with ramp. A factory made from the ground up wheel chair vehicle.
    Sales weren't impressive so they were only made a few years. Cheaper than cut/lowered floor vans. Some were used as handicap taxi's.
    Wish someone would make them again.

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