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Thread: Altering shirts

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    Altering shirts

    Hi, not sure which forum this belongs in...I'm looking for ideas on how to alter button down dress shirts for work. My problem is that in the chest shoulders I'm one size, and in the dreaded quad gut area, I'm several sizes different. I'm 6'4, 189 lbs, but have found myself needing to buy XXL shirts, which still end up being tight in the midsection. I buy anything bigger and I'm swimming in the chest/shoulders. I've thought about having the shirt tailored with a slice up the back (hidden by the backrest), and adding material to the lower portion. I'm just not sure how that'd work. Anyone else done something similar?

    Something like this:

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    It seems a someone could easily do what's in that video and you'd be more comfortable - one shirt that you could try first. A place that does alterations might be less expensive than a tailor of men's clothing.
    Years ago I used to alter some of my slacks (female) by adding material at the back seam - it made them bigger than I needed but easier to pull on.

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    I have a v shaped insert in the centre back seam running from the neck to base of the shirt. Finding material to match the shirt can be difficult so pick wisely when buying a new shirt. It helps with more material around quad belly without making the shoulders and neck too baggy. I almost always have a jacket over the shirt so it is rarely seen so you might not need a good material match. I get a local seamstress to do it, usually costs around ?10/$13 inc material.

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