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    D's Locks

    I have been running d's locks with Spinergy LX wheels with my new chair for a year now and now noticing more movement in the spoke flex. The piston pin and lock ring are still seating tight. I was thinking about taking the lock ring & clamps off the LX?s and using them on some RB Dino wheels.

    Does anybody know if the LX lock ring/clamps will fit on the RB Dino wheels?

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    They cannot, unless the design has changed since I bought them. Spinergy spokes can be tightened though. Should have come with a tool.
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    OK Thanks.
    I'll call d's locks and see what they have for the RB's. Unless they are under earthquake shutdown.

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    If tightening doesn't work, you might look for wheels with cross laced spokes. The locks on the hub are going to flex the radial laced spokes. Cross lacing is designed to handle that rotating stress.

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    I have already tightened the spokes after 6 months using the d’s locks. The Spinergy 12 spoke LX wheels when new have quite a bit of flex and when using the locks it puts a lot of stress on the spokes.
    I talked to Steve today and he said the LX lock ring/clamps should probably work on the Dino wheels. Anyway I purchase the disc kit for the RB Dino wheels I have and will see if it reduces the movement when the locks are locked.

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