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Thread: Hand grips for my Quickie Shadow handcycle

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    Smile Hand grips for my Quickie Shadow handcycle

    Any recommendations on sources of affordable handgrips for my Shadow handcycle?

    I've dug about on the net. The more pricey units are attractive but reality bites.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Does anyone recognise these grips?
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    Early T grips that were used just before the J looking handles came out in the mid '80's. Most handcycles came with them as they were the only design used. We also experimented using an extension on them to widen the width of the cranks. They still may be used on a few entry brands. Mine didn't have the foam wrapped around the grips; just the hard rubber.

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    They are that recent? Thanks for your comment Patrick.
    At NZ$200, the person selling was trying to do me........a favour?

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